Anonymous: 3some with your mom?

Yo, no mum jokes. She’s too sweet for that.

Anonymous: I want you to be here, with me. I want to smoke a few bowls and then hold you in my arms as we listen to the rain.

I’m d 2 smoke a few fatty bowls on a nice rainy day

Anonymous: You teaching your sister how to be a Burlington whore like you?

You’re disgusting.

person: so where did you learn html?
me: not.... neopets...


me everyday:

(via strippernamedsteve)

Anonymous: ever receive pictures?

Are you referring to dick pics? No thx.

Anonymous: A boy can can dream but also a boy a can smell out a mad whore

I bet.

Anonymous: Your picture of you in a red thong n grey top is awesome, need too see that in person!

A boy can dream.

Anonymous: Then its just an old picture getting tossed around


Anonymous: Awesome too see that your sending out pictures again!!!!!

I’m not though?

Anonymous: Guys that you see go to shows that you find attractive?

A fair amount.

Guess not.